Waterfall Tours in yahyalı (Kapuzbaşı):95 € p.p

The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls (Kapuzbaşı Şelalesi) in Aladağlar National Park. This waterfall is second highest waterfall (60 meters). This place 130km. far from Göreme.

It’s striking: a crease in the vertical cliff face. Above it, dry rock. Below it, a cascade of chill white water.

The cold water is potable and delicious, and in fact is from the same source as the popular Hayat brand of spring water sold throughout Turkey.

In summer it’s very nice to make picnic with beautiful view and next to very clean cold water and fresh air. We offer barbacue in that ambiance.

At the base of the falls is a tiny, old, primitive grain mill, a low-roofed ramshackle structure set above a channel of racing water that turns the wheel. Inside, the village miller squats and scoops and sacks the flour that sifts from the grinding stones.

Ps. Our tour Start 08:00 pickup from hotel including launch, barbacue, transportation,Drinks etc..


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