HORSEBACK RIDING IN CAPPADOCIA (1 hour p.p 28€)-(2 hours 37 euro)

Cappadocia was Land of Beautiful Horses in hittite time ,thats why name coming from katpatuka (kapadokya) is the best  place to explore on horseback. Horses have held a distinctive place in Cappadocia history for thousands of years and the unique landscapes around Goreme are perfect for exploring on a native Anatolian or Arabic horse.

Well away from the crowds, explore the fascinating valleys and breathtaking vistas around Goreme during a 1- or 2-hour trail ride. We also offer all-day trail rides and multiple-day excursions on horseback,2 hours ride.You will travel through some of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia –Swords Valley, Meskendir Valley, Rose Valley and Love Valley. Ride among the apple, apricot, walnut and quince orchards as well as the grape vines used for local wines. The trails wind up through volcanic stone hills passing many beautiful fairy chimneys and churches along the way – with breathtaking vistas on mountain tops and unique landscapes in every direction.


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