Pamukkale Balloon Flights Only: 130€


pamukkale has very old history, calcite-laden waters have created at Pamukkale (Cotton Palace) an unreal landscape, made up of mineral forests, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins. At the end of the 2nd century B.C. the dynasty of the Attalids, the kings of Pergamon, established the thermal spa of Hierapolis. The ruins of the baths, temples and other Greek monuments can be seen at the site.

this extraordinary landscape was a focus of interest for visitors to the nearby Hellenistic spa town of Hierapolis, founded by the Attalid kings of Pergamom at the end of the 2nd century B.C., at the site of an ancient cult. Its hot springs were also used for scouring and drying wool. Ceded to Rome in 133 B.C., Hierapolis flourished, reaching its peak of importance in the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D., having been destroyed by an earthquake in 60 A.D. and rebuilt. Remains of the Greco-Roman period include baths, temple ruins, a monumental arch, a nymphaeum, a necropolis and a theatre. Following the acceptance of Christianity by the emperor Constantine and his establishment of Constantinople as the ‘new Rome’ in 330 A.D., the town was made a bishopric. As the place of St. Philip’s martyrdom in 80 A.D., commemerated by his Martyrium building in the 5th century, Hierapolis with its several churches became an important religious center for the Eastern Roman Empire.

Balloon Ride –

In Turkey balloon flight is best in cappadocia and pamukkule.The view great and fantastic landscape white sodium craters

This is the best way to start a day in Pamukkale,

we pick up you from your hotel early in the morning .
During this time, Our pilots will check the weather condition for right take-off area .

our flight is between minutes and 1 hour and we try to make besrt flight as possible as the best places according the weather condition. Mostly all our flight is on sunrise time.

we make litlle party after flight than you get your certificate from our pilot than we take you back to your hotel.If you want more information for Pamukkale and historical Pamukkale tours please call us from our whatsapp number.



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