Cappadocia Turkish Night Show: 45 euro p.p inculuding pick up drop,Dinner,Unlimited drinks!!

The Turkish Night Show highlights the dance traditions 6 differents regions of Turkey, complete with traditional costumes and of course, exhilarating belly dancers. This lively performance is a great way to enjoy traditional Turkish music, dancing and join in the festivities during audience participation.This folk dance show  gives you ,how was the turkish cultures and old life style .

In Turkish night show  including drinks, fruits and dinner.the rates also include transfer between hotel and restaurant. Fairyland travel will pick you up at your hotel at 19:30 (winter) or 20:00 (summer) and drive you to one of the cave restaurants where the show is performed nightly.

Belly Dancer at Turkish Night ShowThe show begins with Turkish folk dancers entering the stage and start dancing. Dancers, including the bride and groom, perform the traditional way in which a girl gets married in Turkey. The bride dressed in a beautiful red dress dances in the middle and the groomarrives to put on different shows for her. He first shows how handsome he is, and then how strong he is and finally how rich he is. After rejecting all these shows one by one, the bride accepts to get married with him when the groom tells that his heart beats for her. While they are starting their wedding dance, all the guests are invited to dance with them, as well. 45 euro p.p


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