Private Cappadocia Tours (Half-day Tours 2 pax 300€)

Goreme Open Air Museum Tour

Discover the best frescoes in Cappadocia – on this half-day private tour. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see for all who visit the area and features unique examples of rock-cut architecture and vivid frescoes depicting intricate scenes from the New Testament. Nestled alongside a sloped valley just outside of Goreme, we will explore each cave church and discuss the scenes depicted – as well as visit the nunnery with rock-hewn dining tables and benches. Delight in the vibrant blues depicted in the scenes inside the Buckle Church to the rich colors hand-painted in the Dark Church. The tour begins with a pick-up at your area hotel and includes transportation to and from the museum, your professionally-licensed English*-speaking guide, all entrance fees, and all taxes. Than w ego to love valley ,After the tour, if you have interest – we will visit a Turkish carpet weaving demonstration in Ortahisar.

Ozkonak Underground City Tour

We offer the perfect half-day tour to experience one of the incredible underground cities of Cappadocia. The Ozkonak Underground CIty is located just on the other side of Avanos and offers an alternative to the busy sites in other areas. This half-day tour begins with a pick-up at your area hotel by your professionally-licensed English*-speaking guide and driver. We begin by crossing over the Red River – the longest river in Turkey, and then make our way to the quaint village of Ozkonak. The underground city was discovered in 1972 by a local farmer named Latif Acar, who was curious about where his excess crop water was disappearing to. Latif discovered an underground room which, when later excavated, revealed a whole city which could house 60,000 people for up to three months. Although only four floors are now open, the complex contains a total of ten floors, to a depth of 40m (130 feet). In addition, there were holes above the tunnels used for dumping hot oil on the enemy, as well as a water well, ventilation system, winery and moving stone doors. After the tour we have the opportunity to visit one of the pottery makers in Avanos – using the ancient kick-wheel pottery technique developed by the Hittites and used in this region for more than 4000 years.

Tour includes pick-up and drop off at your area hotel. A professionally-licensed, English*-speaking guide, entrance fee, all taxes.


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